bettering my baking @ Butter Lane … CUPCAKES!

Last Fall, I joined the Food Bloggers in NYC meetup group (organized by fellow Jersey City-ite Mallory from totalNOMS).  I was super stoked to get together with fellow bloggers and share some awesome food experiences. Unfortunately, right after joining, I got a new job and wound up leaving the area for a while (unfortunately for attending meetups, fortunately for my sanity :P).  But happy day, I went to my first event last night.  Even happier day, it was a CUPCAKE class featured on CourseHorse at Butter Lane.

banana cupcake recipechocolate cupcake recipestand mixer

I had heard that Butter Lane’s cupcakes were among the best in the city, but hadn’t ventured into either of their shops before.  Maybe that’s a good thing – impartial class attendee :)

The class is 2 hours of hands-on baking.  You work in three teams of four, tackling 3 cupcake recipes & 3 icings.  It’s a really laid-back atmosphere, where everybody chats and pitches in on ingredient adding and taste testing.

Our group made the chocolate cupcakes :)

Miachelegg additioncupcake scooping

The recipes are nice and simple, but you’re still guided through the steps by the instructor (very helpful when gabbing with your bench-mates, thanks Olivia!)  You also learn some interesting tips, like adding cold water to chocolate batter to keep the texture light.

For the icings, each group made a base flavor (vanilla, chocolate, and cream cheese).  Then we spilt them in half and added some fun flavorings.

Like homemade raspberry puree to vanilla.

vanilla frostingraspberry into vanilla frosting

And peanut butter to chocolate. (I think this one was my favorite icing, although the cream cheese w/ cinnamon was dang good too.)

chocolate frostingPB into chocolate frosting-good

Then we got a great demo on how to frost the “Butter Lane” way.  I’m really looking forward to the next time I go to frost a cupcake, I now have a solid technique.  Poor Olivia, with a class full of food bloggers she was subjected to incessant photographing :P

frosting demo

Look at that pretty crackly cupcake top, go team chocolate!

my cupcakes

I had such a good time meeting and baking with fellow food bloggers.

team banana

I’m so used to being alone in the kitchen, it was really nice to interact and create with these ladies.

Mari & I

(Mari and I)


And so nice to take home our creations.  Verdict – insanely delicious!  Definitely the lightest, fluffiest cupcakes I’ve made.  So glad Butter Lane is kind enough to send you home with their recipes.

— it feels so strange to end without a recipe, anyone up for taking a hip-hop class with me??  (I’m completely serious about this)


11 thoughts on “bettering my baking @ Butter Lane … CUPCAKES!

    • haha, certainly not vegan with the massive amount of butter and eggs, but it was still really informative to learn some of the techniques. I hope to be able to incorporate them into vegan baking :)

      • Hi yes it’s a bit of a challenge for me to take a yummy dish like this and veganizing it. Thanks and enjoy your weekend :)

  1. Haha, I love your pictures! Thanks for capturing a great night.

    I’m interested in taking the hip-hop class with you. :) I’ve always been curious about doing it!

    My next post is about our Butter Lane course, and I have a great picture of you and Mari. I’ll let you know when it’s live! :)

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